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About me

About me


Capturing everyday objects, picturing everyday things that the normal eye often misses, and showing it from a different point of view. This is what my work portrays.


For over 40 years I have been developing my love for photography and my own style.  It is my challenge to surprise the viewer through my work. 

Hopefully, little by little to train his or her eye to be more sensitive to normal things.


In 2003 I moved from Switzerland to Dalton, GA.


In 2012, nearly ten years later, I challenged myself with the project to show off some characteristics of the two 'worlds' in photos. Not as a documentary and even less as a comparison, but with snapshots showing the particularities I see here in the U.S. and the ones I was used to while living in Switzerland.


I rarely manipulate the photos digitally. 

I am sometimes using unusual photo sizes while using traditional and new styles of framing and mounting the photographs.

I look for unity between the photograph and its presentation.


I currently live with my wife in Dalton, Georgia where we formed, in 2003, Alrol of America. 


June 2021

online exhibit

Social Documentary Network

June through August 2019

one-man show

Center for Art & Rehabilitative Energies

Shellman, GA

September 2018

one-man show

Dave&Pauli's Emporium

Dalton, GA

August and September 2013

exhibition of 5 pieces

Arts Festival at the Creative Arts Guild

Dalton, GA

June through July 14. 2013

one-man show

Center for Art & Rehabilitative Energies

Shellman, GA

June 7 through July 18, 2013

exhibition of 10 pieces

Main Gallery of the Creative Arts Guild

Dalton, GA

February 1 through 26, 2013

one-man show

At Michael's Fine Arts and Framing

Dalton, GA


September 2013

commission for a French company

industrial machinery


March 2014

wedding Melissa and Jack Flowers


July 2014


wedding IR

February 2016

Family shooting

Ashley Chavarria

December 2016

Family Christmas

Beverly Fain

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